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How to check the??

Hello Friends,

I´ve got a tapping noise that I´m fairly sure is caused by one of the hydraulic elements beeing worn. I´ve concluded it ought to be one of the hydraulic elements because:

1) The noise is independent of load.
2) The noice frequency follows the engine Rpm.
3) I pulled of the ignition cables one by one and then put them back - No change.

By No 3 I beleive that it shouldn´t be caused by a conrod big or small end problem because then it should be significantly be reduced once the ignition cables are pulled of.

So - my question is - How do I check the hydraulic elements?
I did the Herr Fuchs finger test but noticed nothing. Could I do a check once the elements are out? Do I need to pull the cam to get the hydraulic elements out?

Appreciate all the help I can get!!

Mikael Westerberg
1984 500 SEL
Vanersborg, Sweden
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