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brake pad/rotor manufacturers

What's the difference? I am looking to replace the rear brake pads and rotors on my 1994 E420. I looked here at FastLane and found this for rotors:

N1000-34085, Brake Disc, Balo, $56.14
N1000-34085, Brake Disc, Zimmermann, $53.46

and this for pads:

N1010-25161, Brake Pad Set, , $28.83
N1010-62367, Brake Pad Set Metal Master, PBR, $28.21
N1010-62366, Brake Pad Set Deluxe, PBR, $21.79
N1010-25161, Brake Pad Set, Pagid, $30.00
N1010-25161, Brake Pad Set, Textar, $28.26

Soooooo, what's better? Better is classified by:
1. Best braking quality
2. Low noise problems (squeak, rattle, etc.)
3. Long lasting

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