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The only different with the 92-400 and the 93-400 is the later model is long wheel base. There are many problems with the 140, here are some example:

Front suspension recalls on the 92-93 model, I believe most of them has been upgrade. Expect to replace tires more often.

A/C evaporator, add dye into the A/C, and check for leak at the evaporator drain hoses under the car.

Check for doors and truck assist motor.

If you like the body style, buy it. Be sure you get a car with Star Mark. Any or all of the above repairs can and will happen on your car. Additional, the windows regulators break, seat belts cause the SRS light turn on for 2-3 minutes, O2 sensors fail, the lists go on and on.

I donít want you to feel I am trying to discourage your decision, My 95-S320V have all the above problems. I still think the 140 is the best built automobile.

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