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I just noticed something today that I did not see before. I popped out the cover of the taillights with the bulbs in it and found that the innermost cell which is red on the outside has no bulb on either side. Is this something that was altered for the American version of the 190's? I heard before that some euro versions have foglamps on the rear of the car that are engaged by pulling the light switch past the first stop( for the front fog lamps) to a second stop. I seriously doubt that has anything to do with the empty cell though because it is red. It seemed as though there were 6 wires however there were only 5 bulbs. Is there a way to open it up and send another wire to that cell and add another brake light or something?
Secondly, I had a thought about something. Has anyone tried using some of those custom red or blue bulbs in the factory yellow turn signal lamps or break lights to somewhat change the color at night? I figure putting blue behind amber would not give off a blue light and a blue glow at very worst. The blue mixed with red might give a purple-ish color I would think.
I sure wish I could hook up two H3 halogen bulbs in those empty cells to piss off those highbeam tailgaiting &*^%*#@$@$@#$ or at least to give other people visibility in extreme weather conditions. I look forward to what everyone has to say
Robbie :O) :}

Rob C
89 190E 2.6
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