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Question. I'm very new to this board, so you'll have to excuse me if I say something wrong...
I'm do just about everything myself from boat work to auto... So here-in is my question. It started because I am looking at a model similar to what is mentioned in this post. Why do you h-a-v-e to have a tech do the second job you are talking about? Isn't it something that could be done by a electonically savy person? I mean if we are talking about a resistor swap (just need the spec for the resistor (make sure the fellow puts it on in the right direction)) and the correct guage wire...

I'm just curious about this that is all. I'm actively looking for a safe car for my wife, and the 92 400SE is looking pretty good to me. I can do 90% of the things myself. Short of computer diag. work (since I don't have the comp. module for that car.)

Anyhow, I just want to know if I've missed something, and more importantly I do not mean to disrespect anyone!


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