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You don't need to install the vacuum lines - I didn't and the lights work fine. Also, If you are running standard wattage bulbs (H4) or the "+30 standard wattage", then you don't need the relays or rewiring either - just the socket reconfiguration. I intend to do the relays and heavier guage wiring in the future as that will probably allow another 10% brightness just from the lowered resistance of the heavier guage wires, but with just the standard wiring, there is still a MAJOR INCREASE in light on the road. This is mostly from the great reflectors aiming the light where it will do a lot of good, instead of into oncoming traffic or up into the trees! If you put in the Euro lights and want more, then do the relays and wiring. At that point if you aren't satisfied with the sizzling light output, it is easy to just install brighter bulbs without any problems. (well, no electrical problems anyway - those overvoltage euro lights are not going to be very inconspicuous to oncoming traffic, 'tho the tight beam problem minimizes the problem!)

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