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i just replaced the normal 9004 Bulbs in my 92 300Ce with 80/100W Xenon Bulbs (Not really sure if they are xenon), but they are about twice as bright as before.

I do also plan on upgrading to the Euro lights later, but I have a few other upgrades that must be done before I do that.

For the $20 I spent on the bulbs, I must say I am very impressed at the light output now. The light is bright and I can see better at night. the old bulbs had a yellowish tone to them which made visibility kinda bad at night, but with the new bulbs, the visibility is about 3 times better than before.

I'm not concerned with melting the wireing harness or the head light itself. If it melts I'll be getting my Euor lights a bit sooner. plus having a machinist who can fabricate just about anything is a plus. I could always have him fabricate me some new wiring harness plugs outta high temp material if needed.

I have talked to some friends who have run even higher watt bulbs in their mercedes with no problems, but for me, 80w is plenty bright, and really makes the car look better at night.

i dont plan on using my high beams at all so I'm not concerned with the overheating at 100W either.

But the 80 w bulbs I got look great when the lights are on.

I have felt the back of the light fixture after having the lights on for about an hour, and they were luke warm, so I'm thinking that they should be fine.

The bulbs I got have a light blue shade to them which is there for some reason, but they do produce way more light than the regular bulbs. and when they are on, they are bright white with absolutely no blue tint to them at all.


on a side note, I just painted my grey plastic grille insert with some matte black paint, and the thing looks AWESOME! I cleaned it first with some good degreaser that I let sit for a few minutes, then I washed it off with hot water, and then proceeded to dry it with a nice terry cloth towel, pushing the towel into each grid hole to dry it. I then used a compressed air gun to blow away any terry clot fibers before I painted it.

i used some weird paint I had lying around, which was made for plastic, so I'm hoping it will hold up. I only gave it a few coats, and so far in the first wash I have done since I painted the grille, it still looks perfect. it really wasnt that hard to get it out and back into the car. it took a slight bit of elbow grease to get it out and in, but I did not have to remove the entire grille assembly. just 4 screws and 4 clips, and a little creative wedging got it out and back in.

I'll post some pics as soon as I can on my site. If you have a black benz with that grey grille insert, I highly recommend painting it matte black, looks so good I wonder why mercedes had it in that grey in the first place. And I assume it would look great on any color car.

In fact my dad liked the way my grile looked so much, that he decided to get his grile on his 94 sl600 painted black to match his car.

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