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Engine Choke Stuck. Idle high

Hello, I just posted a thread about my situation on my 1987 420EL. Im not sure if it was clear what the problem was so I've decided to reword my post. When I go to start my engine, the car starts up and automatically starts idling at around 1500rpm. When I put it in drive it slows down a little but its still abnormally high. It can go up to 40mph without me having to put my foot on the gas. I looked in the engine compartment and I saw that the choke was stuck. Is the problem Im having could I be able to fix it myself? Im afraid to go to the MB service center because I dont like the fact of them repairing your car and charging you ridiculous prices for a small broken item. If you have any tech tips and suggestions please respond. Im not up to date with all these abbriviations so please could you explain to me. Thank you.
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