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C43 Has Lost Some Acceleration-Slugish?

I have a 1999, C43 that seems to be somewhat slugish. This condition just sort of evolved over the last few weeks.

Motor is stock except for new NGK plugs and Magnecor Spark Plug wires. K&N air filters 1000 miles ago. No engine check light.

I did install a dual exhaust a few weeks ago. Its a 2.5"diameter piping with a big Magnaflow muffler. Removed the resonator and stock AMG muffler. I don't think this is the problem, but maybe.

Car has 69,000 miles. What about O2 sensor, cats, etc. MAF still good, or at least there is no engine check light as stated above.

Tailpipes are black at the bottom of the tips. Car does not burn oil.

Any ideas?

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