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Engine compartment heat does effect the fuel relay most signifucantly. The fuel relay is notorious for poor or cracked solder joints. temperature... even a few degrees can cause metal to expand or contract and it only takes a thousands of a inch for a cracked solder joint to lose contact and shut off the fuel pump. Sometimes it's the pins but there is a high likelyhood that one of the little set of points that is mounted on the printed circuit board of the fuel relay has a crack in the solder that mounts it to the circuit board. These little guys vibrate (points opening and closing) and can cause a fatigue crack in the solder over time. Solution is to eyeball the pins of the little contact points where they are soldered onto the circuit board and then resolder the cracked joint.

I can say that it was probably not the pins being bent.... although that is a strong possibility... rather it is a broken solder joint on the relay 's printed circuit board. If the problem reoccurs... then its the solder... not a bent pin.
The cover will slip up and off the fuel relay to expose the circuit board.

Examine the back of the circuit board with a magnifying glass. If solder points are cracked then they will be visible. Solder cracks are usually circular around the pin and on the back of the circuit board.

I am almost certain that it is the fuel relay that is causing the problem If you can't fix it then purchase a new one from Parts shop.

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