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I bought my from I prefer the ones without the orange reflector strip. I think the all clear ones, look great on the car.

Mine were $58.00 including the tax and shipping, but if you dont live in california, the tax wont necessarily be there so you save some extra money.

I put in orange bulbs too. which look great when the turn signal is on and at night they look factory.

The ones I got are by a brand called depo. probably made in taiwan, but they look good, and seem to be no worse in quality than the bosch ones.

I have seen others at a placed called as well who sell them in smoke color too I believe but they are $99 a pair I think there.

They also sell clear, all red, all smoke, red/clear and smoke/red I believe for the taillights.

In anycase, I think the all clear front indicators look great on the car.

Now all I want is the 94-95 smoke/red taillights on the car.

OR the all red ones might look cool too but reversing with red lights isn't that easy.


ohh and one last note, I used the factory blub holder/wiring harness as the ones that come with it are two pronged and have no wire for the parking ligts, only the turn signals.

But they fit fine, no o-rings needed on my ones.
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