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On Sat while making a run with the family through CT to visit a friend my altenator died. Luckily the Greenwhich, CT. MB dealer welcomed me in and gladly replaced it for me in exchange for a new $245 altnator and two hours worth of labour (30 minuts was to charge the battery). (I know I've read about the $45 parts + 15min brush replacement solution, but I was next to
broken down)

I won't go into that any further. It's fixed. We finished our trip. The kids got donoughts. It didn't happen at night or Sunday, thankfully.

I did squeak into to the bay and speak with the tech while he had the car up and he pointed out a rear differential leak, a vacuum pump gasket leak (on the front of the engine) and a leak from the rear pump of the auto trans.

I was aware of the AT leak from my 210kmi service (they only replace the transmission at the dealer) the ATF fluid has been far above the fill line and I check it about as often as the engine oil following the instructions in the owners manual.

With the under carriage sound damping cover the leaks don't make a mess on the ground when parked, but seem to shed the oil at highway speeds (driping on the exhaust) out the back of the covers.

These are three different problems that I expect that I will have to fix one way or another. Any ideas about the relative criticality, estimated work involved and cost at an independant shop, or other advice would be helpful.


'87 300TD Turbo
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