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My car is leaking diesel (with pictures)

Help! its saturday and the shop isnt open until monday! I refueled my car on wednesday night and immediatly noticed the diesel smell in my car. I checked to make sure i closed the tank and indeed, i did.

for the past few days the smell remains and my 1984 300D is losing fuel fast. its hard to tell from the pictures but the there is diesel leaking from the bottom nipple hole, and u might be able to see there is diesel on the rubber insulation around the tank cover.

let me show u:
this is three days worth of spillage, when i wasnt at work
more (i park in different spots obviously)
its hard to tell but that entire area is coated with a slick of fuel, and the rubber is moist
there's some outlet hole, coated in fuel
this concerns me that there is also fuel here, at the base of the rear passenger wheel well. shouldnt the leaking diesel go out the hole above?

the cap is on tight, so i think the leak is elsewhere... What gives?
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