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I need an 2nd, 3rd, 4th.... opinion on the following diagnotic for the Check Engine light from the dealer : Follows is the excact write up:
Code 004. Air Injection. Ports for air injection plugged with carbon. checked for codes. code 004. checked to see if air injection valve has vaccum. it does. check activations. The O2 voltage should drop to below 80mV. It does not drop. See recommendations.

Need to R&R both Heads and exhaust Manifolds need to clean air injection port $2600.
Engine harness cracked $800.00

I opened up the cover and inpect the harness, I could not find which section of the harness is cracked. Is there a common place where the harness can easily crack.

Ps: beside from the check engine light fault the car runs beautifully.

Hope to here your reply soon
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