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Quick question! My '85 190E seems to run rough when tank under 1/4 full(I know better)
Last week in the heat I left it running for about 20 minutes-the car idled terribly, had NO power. I dumped injecter cleaner in, drove 1 mile to gas station/service station. Threw in some gas, asked mechanic what he thought.
This is where it gets good- "You're running on 3 cylinders-new distributor-bring it in tomorrow". O.K., I drive home..performance is getting better and better, 10 miles later it's back where it was originally!
Any ideas?
She's been fine since-unless I get below 1/4 tank. I'll try double dose soon.
Any ideas about warm temp erratic idle? When warm and just started the rpms go up and down from about 7 to about 15-this cycles about 4 times before it levels off.
Sorry! Not so quick after all. Just a comment on injecter cleaner magic !!
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