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Is it hot or what, A/C recharge

82' 380SEL

When I bought the car the previous owner had put 134 on the A/C system.

I topped it off after I bought the car with 134 and it worked fairly well. Now year later another summer, it's getting a lot hotter in NY and the A/C does not work as expected.

I went to the auto store got a 134 can, started recharging but there seemed to be a lot left in the can, nothing going into the A/C system for some reason ?

Checked the pressure, setting control unit to full cold -> 25psi
Checked the pressure, setting control unit to off pos -> 10psi

Checked the window on the dryer, setting unit to full cold -> white frizzy / bubbly
Checked the window on the dryer, setting unit to off pos -> flow without any white bubbly stuff

So here are some Q's if anybody out there can educate me on the subject ?

1. I would like to know for how long would you hook up one of these cans to the system, for it to fully empty. 1-10 min ?

2. How do I know how much I need to add, not to over do it.
I would hate to put too much on there and have it ruin because of that. Is there any way to tell ?

3. What is the pressure supposed to be under normal circumstances, high and low end ?

4. Then to kind a start on another subject, the compressor is always on, no matter what position I set the unit on - off / ec / def / ac, doesn't matter it's always on. The only way to shut it off is to pull one of the wires off of it. Also the temprature of the engine gets pretty high between the 120 and the other line below, can't remember if it's supposed to be 80 or 90 ?

ok, enough for now, I guess I hope I will get some good input,

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