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Clunking from rear diff area

There is a ball joint of sorts that is part of the 5 link system(It is the lower most link and the attachment point is straight down to the ground). These ball joints cause the car to make a click/clunk sound when you accelerate from a stand still. Its the same popping sound that a swivel tilting chair makes when its subjectd to a wide heavy load that hadn't exercised in a little bit. To replace it you have to remove the rear carrier hubs, and although the bearings aren't necessarily damaged at the time, I would caution you to nonetheless replaced them as insurance. I bought the bearing and took them to an indie. He charged me 1 hrs labor for maybe 10 minutes work for punching out the old hub carrier bearing and putting in he new ones . You would be wise to check this ball joint on yours, it cause "clunking" in the rear when you accelerate from a stand still and is easily seen by jacking up th rear and eye balling the balljoint. If its flat and torn, guessed it.

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