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I have already done a search on "Wiring Harness" and have read the archived messages. I LOVE this site. Very helpful.

Anyways, I was driving this evening and all of a sudden, my 1992 400e lost power. It felt like there was not enough fule getting to the engin. I pulled over and the car idled just fine, but when I reved the engin, it sputtered and hesitated. I shut the car off and restarted... it started fine, but the lack of power was still there.

It was late in the evening so I was able to drive the 2 miles home. I could cruise at 45 MPH, but I had to get there SLOWLY. If I put any more than 1/4 throtle the engin would sputter and heitate again.

Once home, I poped the hood and made sure nothing was obviously wrong. All LOOKED fine. I noticed that when in PARK and I reved the engine, the engine temp gauge would drop from 90 C to zero. It kinda looked like a reversed tach. Once the engine idled, the temp was back at 90 C again.

I though that maybe the temp sensor was going bad. So I pulled the plastic cover off of the front of the engine, remember, this is a 119.975, and saw that the insulation was all cracked and brittle. Well I followed the wires all the way back to the secondary firewall and to the main connector and saw the entire wiring harness was falling apart!!!!

There are about 20 seperate wires and ALL OF THEM were loosing the insulation.

I am going to check with my local dealer on a "Goodwill" service for this, but I want to make sure I have all the correct info.

Is there bullitin number or any reference number I can tell him to look up?

There was a part number on the large end of the wiring harness... 124 543 88 32. Can someone tell me if this is the correct part number for the wiring harness, or is it just for the plastic connector?

Thank you very much in advance.


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