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Well I could not wait for any more info on the wiring harness recall info. I went to my local dealer, Smythe European in San Jose. Explained how my wiring harness insulation is brittle and falling apart and that where was some type of recall campain <sp?>. I even showed them my car and the harness.

Well to make a long story short, about 45 minutes later and $450 poorer, I was on my way home to install my newly purchased wiring harness. The dealer would not provide any assistance in resolving the problem.

The good news is that after installing the new harness, all is fine. My 400e is back to normal and running fine!

I was surprised that the harness was so large. It included the fuel injector connectors as well. Installation was pretty easy. only about 5 hex bolts and some fancy routing.

If you have a 400e, CHECK YOUR HARNESS. This is the one that starts right behind the computer box on the RH side of the engine bay. It contains the injectors, some connector for the distributors, and the temp sensors in the front of the engine.

I could not beleive how brittle ALL the wires were on my old harness. The new harness was made in 3/2000, so hopefully they are using better wires!

Good luck all!

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