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I called RBM of Atlanta and spoke with one of the parts guys. I gave him my VIN number and the part number of the harness. He said that YES, it is the harness in question. But he could not provide me with any type of reference number or document number that I could tell my local dealer to look up.

I went to my local dealer and explained in detail what was going on. He too pulled a record of my VIN history and he showed me that a harness was alredy replace back in 1994 under a campaign number, but the harness that was replaced was NOT the one I was having problems with (124 543 88 32). He showed me the tech docs for the campaign that was listed and it showed a harness in the part list.

Can you provide me with some type of reference number or campaign number that I can tell him to look up?

They were helpful to some degree, they spent about 45 minutes with me, but I don't think they looked as hard as they could.

I alredy have installed the new harness and all is running fine, but IF I could get some type of reimbursment from MBUSA I would like that. I could always use the $450 towards my RennTECH differential. LOL


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