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Originally posted by Duke1Law
I'm glad SOMEBODY is getting service around here.

Wish I could say the same.

The 'clique' only answers certain threads.
The fastest way to get ignored is to be rude. The techs here work on cars all day and then contribute to the site for FREE. Those DIY's on the board will help wherever they can.

With your C280 starting problem you failed to mention which year of C280 you own. This is a problem right there, as the C280 has had two different drivelines, and many issues related to the model year. Mileage? That can also be useful info.

As to the problem resolution, the newer OBDII cars are VERY difficult to diagnose from a distance. The CE light can be triggered with donzens of faults. And with the newer cars, all kinds of faults can cause rough running and poor starting. The firs step with any OBDII car with a CE light is to pull the codes, and that's not something you can do without proper tools (code reader) or taking to it a shop. I saw you post, saw the first response to "pull codes" and thought "that's what I would say" and moved on.

It is not the fault of the people here is you don't like the advice. Sometimes we cannot provide a "free" solution. The fact is that unless you have the right stuff in your garage, you might have to have an expert touch the car.

Instead of:

Excuse me, but:


You might try "To the top" or "Anyone" and bump the thread to the top so that new eyes might have a look.

I have saved THOUSANDS of dollars by being a member here, and if there was less than a week's drive between myself and DOC, Donnie or Steve, you can bet your a$$ I'd be getting my car serviced there. If you want "snap to" service, go pay $90 an hour to the dealer. Mine has "free" coffee, loaner cars, etc. An they just about always answer the phone on the first few rings.
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