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Question Help! Wierd Electrical Gremlin (SL320-'99)

I drive a ’99 SL320 (UK/R.H.Drive) and have recently been plagued with a strange electrical gremlin.

On starting, although the motor runs normally, the car occasionally “loses” various ancillary electrical functions (namely: wipers, screen wash, radio, mirror adjust, headlight flash, seat heat..). More worryingly, it also develops a fault in the indicators where a right-turn on the “stalk” results in the left-side indicators flashing.

Brake lights, reverse lights, side and headlight, and hazard (4 way) flashers are not affected.

I have tried a restart and an alarm system reset to no avail. Usually, after about ten minutes of (very careful) driving with hand-signals only, the system recovers and everything functions normally.

Of course, this fault will not manifest itself when the vehicle is taken to the dealership!

Any ideas would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance

Steve / MBZSRG
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