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Thanks, I thought it was there, but wanted to make sure. The car is a daily driver. I did some surfing and got the idea for the Frigi Clean. Some say Lysol or Ozium work well also.

According to the comments I read this is caused by moisture remaining in the AC condenser? The best way to beat this is shut off your AC a mile or so before you shut the engine off so it can dry out? It is 100 plus here throughout the summer. Shutting it off for a while is not always an option. But it seems to help also. The situation can be worsened by a clogged or kinked condensation drain?

I'm just regurgitating what I read, not claiming it's gospel. I am not an expert. Whatever the case my car stinks from time to time. I've noticed the same smell in many cars, but it seems to go away after the ventilation system is on for a few minutes. My car will stink upon starting the fan, AC or not, the smell will go away and return from time to time while driving. The charcoal filter helps. I just replaced the pollen filters too.
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