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I answer posts where I know specific answers and where an obvious point can be made.

I have erased many a post where the only point I could make was the info given was so poor no post could be made. Three symptoms and a crystal ball aren't my way of doing things. I often explain what the diagnostic process is knowing there isn't a chance in the world that such info will be used by the author.

As such the answers to an amazing number of problems exist on this site. The testing necessary has been described. I am quick to answer posts with data or asking for specific questions about procedure. I don't answer posts that ask: My car is blue and I have replaced everything in the ignition and the lights in the barn don't work, what should I buy next?

I also am getting tired of answering command posts. Those are ones where someone asks me to look-up and provide info on demand. I have driven to the shop on weekends to answer a question, but I won't do it on demand.

Many of the technician only sites I participate in require appropriate research be done before questions are brought before the group. This is written in the rules and is enforced by peer comment.
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