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Torgue specs?

Kyle, JH,

Excellent advice, it worked great. Easiest brake job I've ever done. The hollow bolts sizes are 15mm (open end) and 13mm socket. See photo attached.

After removing the caliper piston assembly you can lay it on the steering assembly (don't know the technical name) and there is no need to bleed the lines unless, of course, you want or need to. Remember to open the master cylinder and monitor it so that it does not overflow. You can remove some brake fluid with a turkey baster (my wife loved that!)

I will post a second photo is of the caliper piston laying aside. There is one line that needs to be unclipped from a bracket to give you enough slack. It just snaps in and out.

QUESTION: What do I torque the hollow bolts back to? I read the number once before but I cannot remember where I saw it. Can you help?

And: What do I torque the lug nuts to?

Lee in CO
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