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a/c clutch locking up

My compressor was replaced a little over a year ago and converted over to 134a at the same time by an indep. Mercedes shop. (Previous owner- I have the service records) Anyway, when I bought the car 4 mos ago, the a/c worked fine, but now that it's HOT it has quit. The clutch would engage at first, but make a clicking sound. I have not used it at all, but I tried again this morning and the clutch now completely locks up- squealing belt and all.

I know I don't stand a chance at getting the compressor covered under warranty since it wasn't mine at the time, but what I'm wondering is if the clutch itself can be replaced. I'm assuming it has a bad bearing. If so, how bad a job is that? Can it be done without breaking open the system?

Thanks in advance.
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