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Unhappy 300sd tranny jerks repeatedly on 1-2 shift

(I posted this in Tech Help but thought it might belong here instead.)

My W116 300SD automatic transmission jerks repeatedly in the 1-2 upshift when lightly accelerating -- like it can't make up its mind whether to shift into second or not.

It only does it when the car warms up.
It only does it on the 1-2 shift.
It only does it when lightly accelerating -- it shifts solidly when I accelerate hard.

There is no slipping occuring - it seems to be switching between second gear and neutral (or maybe first). The only way I've found to get around this is to hold the trans in first gear until revs are high enough to ensure a solid shift.

Crazy thing is that it started happening when I changed my fluid and filter. I'm considering changing the fluid/filter again just to see if that happens to fix it.

'79 300SD W116
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