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<<I used an old pad and a C clamp to compress the piston. I had to compress it all of the way to fit it over the new pads. That's why you have to open the master cylinder. It raised the level well above full after the second front wheel. >>

That works, but if you just crack the bleeder when pushing the pistons back in, not only do they go in easily, but you get rid of the old caliper fluid [ this is where all the crap accumulates] instead of sending it back up to the Master . The master level does not change...
As long as you close the bleeder when pistons bottom out , you will not have any air entering the system.
Once you see the color of the fluid, you can then decide if a change is due...... I use a clear plastic hose drained into a container from bleeder nipple for fluid containment [ hate that stuff all over the place] ... a box end wrench fits right over the hose for bleeder loosen/tighten w/o having to remove hose, making for a clean job....
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