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Possibly not getting full throttle?

Hello! I was just out at the car trying to see what I could do to keep the air cleaner from rattling all over the place (need to replace the rubber mounts, but i want to go to the cleaner that mounts right by the turbo like what Alex has, so I'm holding off), and being weird, I went to play with the throttle linkage around. I found something interesting.

By moving the lever that comes up from the throttle pedal (didn't have a 2nd person to actually depress the pedal), it looked like the linkage up on top of the valve cover was moving as far as it should. However, when moving the linkage at the injector pump, it semed to move a little bit more. From the STOP lever, there's a bar that runs down to the pump, and connects to a couple of other things down there. One thing moved front-to-back and looks like it's supposed to be coming into contact with a set screw at WOT. When moving the bar that comes from the pedal, there's still roughly 1/8" of space in between the two, but if I move the STOP lever, I can get it to come all the way into contact with the screw. The rest of the linkage seems to move the same amount when I do this, and I don't know where this extra play's coming from (internal to the injector pump, maybe?).

Is the lever or whatnot supposed to come in contact with that set screw at WOT? If so, how should I go about adjusting the linkage so it does?

Thoughts appreciated. Thanks in advance! I wonder if this could also explain why my idle seems a bit low...?
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