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Originally Posted by WWhitmore View Post
Please consider your wife’s and others safety when keeping the car on the road. Thanks.
That is a valid point. I didn't mention that my wife PREFERS this old 85 because she doesn't have to think about keeping it clean or dent free. She also has an 84 wagon that is ready for bring-a-trailer, but it is reserved for long trips or where we have company in the car.
I do also inspect the rear subframe mounts pretty regularly now. I suspect they will be the first to start to degrade to the point it becomes unsafe.
I have a thread on here somewhere that I started when this car rolled over 400,000. I updated it at 450,000 and will certainly post to it again if it makes it to 500000. My wife and I have agreed that 500000 will be mission accomplished and it will go on blocks with the other parts cars.
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