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The Warden,

On my daughter's 1982 240D I noticed once when she was home from college for a weekend a few years ago that the car was really pretty dead. I popped the hood and began checking things out and I found the assembly kind of suspended from the valve cover has a joint where the connection from the pedal is already turned into rotational motion through some links that was very loose. It has two prongs that used to fit into a rubber disc bonded to the part that is "with" the linkage suspended from the valve cover. The rubber was gone and the clearance around the prongs was about twice the thickness of the prongs. This used up about half the pedal travel before the linkage suspended from the valve cover began to move the connection to the injection pump.

I have not been able to find a new part, so I repaired the old part using popsicle sticks and electrical tape to "thicken" the prongs so they have a tight fit as they pass through the now all metal connection plate. The difference is amazing, like it went from two cylinders to four. Granted it is not really pretty, but it works and only needs to be replaced every year or so.

There is another joint on the firewall, a kind of ball and socket thing that also fails and leads to poor throttle response. It is at the end of the rod that connects to the linkage suspended from the valve cover. When it fails, it allows lateral motion that uses up a bit of the pedal travel before it twists the rod. This part is readily available and I have replaced it on my Father-in-law's 1980 240D. Good luck, Jim
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