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Water in oil after rebuilding cylinderhead-please help!

I rebuilt the cylinderhead in my 93 190e 2.6L. The car started within 2 seconds and idled great as before the vlave job. I drove it for about 50 miles and it had plenty of power and was smooth. The next day I drove to the gas station to put gas. Drove then to work. Eight hours later when I started the car, it hesistated and it had rough idle. I said water in the gas from the gas station. Put some heat in the gas tank. Once I take off it drove fine. At home I checked the vacuum, spark plugs,...etc. couldn't find anything. At night I drove another 20 miles and when I got to my distination, I noticed the temp gage at the blue line below the red on the temp gage. Pulled over immediately. Let it cool. Re-started and still had that slight miss, however, temp was fine now. I assumed an ignition problem. At 2:00 am going home the temp was rising in no time so I decided to stop and tow it home. While waiting on the tow truck, I checked the coolant and couldn't see anything in the resevoir. Nothing under the car. Pulled the oil dipstick and it had traces of water (I did not add antifreeze after the rebuild, but water with a flush kit to clean the cooling passages and rediater). went back in the car and pulled a cigarette and took a deep drag. Today, I pulled the head out and there's a little bit of water in the cylinders. The head will go to the machine shop to check for cracks and so on.. What I need to know is, how to remove the water that mixed with the oil. I drained the water and oil completely and yes the oil was milky. I did a compression check before I pulled the head and all cylinders had either 160 or 165 psi. I vacuumed all the water out of the cylinders and filled them with oil to keep from rusting. Any suggestions on a product to flush all the H2O in the oil? I know there is a product to remove oil in coolant?

PS> The water side was clear and did not have any oil it?
Is it possible the head wasn't torqued properly. The head gasket looked fine. I must mention, after the head job, the temp was going up and couldn't bleed it. I finally pressurized the system and it was holding pressure good, however, the cap wasn't. I got a new one and temp was normal afterwards.
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