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Thanks Ken for the advice. I will try Alldata. I have checked the fuse and it is good. Plus I can hear some faint sound when presssing the button, so I am pretty sure it is getting power. The service manual question was something I was wondering about since I see that they are available for so many other models. With as complex as an S 500 is it is amazing that there is not a printed version out there. I do have a one year Starmark base waranty but I don't think it covers the sunshade. I am going to check just to be sure. I have joined the Mercedes Benz Club of America and I hope that I can find resources of information from them as well. I do have one other problem, the passenger seat belt extender sometimes keeps going in and out when driving without a passenger in the seat. I now leave the belt buckeled since this was driving me crazy. Sometimes it would not do it at all, it would stay in like it should and other times it would go in and out. Have you had any problem with your passenger extender? I live in Ferndale, MI


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