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one other tid bit on this. the battery is suspect. its only a year and a half old but when the car wont start (aka I know to hook up trickle charger) lately the trickle charger when hooked up to the dead battery will read 100% charged almost immediatly. I remember half a year ago that a dead battery would read 25% or 50% dead. so the battery is suspect. its a duralast, I just hate to trow money away without having a true diagnostic test to find the problem, shotgun approach to electrical system could get expensive.
Try going back to to the supplier. A year and a half might be out of warranty, but a battery should last longer than that. A simple (and free!) load test should identify a truly dead battery. Running the battery completely flat will shorten its life considerably, however.
Last question, if a ground wire or strap were bad, wouldn't I see a current draw with the car off?
Nope. The ground wire is simply the final piece in the circuit. Typically, a bad connection increases the resistance in the circuit and reduces the voltage available to the appliance, including reducing the voltage to charge the battery
Cheers, Neil
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