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I've had 2 W124 300Es, a '90 and currently an '88 model year. I plan to keep the '88, but am seriously thinking of getting a '92 500E.
I've run a Carfax and it's clean, not even a history of auction action. But, and here's where I get nervous, what can I expect to be charged by dealers and independents for the scheduled services at 15k and 30k? Also, I know that I should have the chain stretch measured, have the chain tensioner, the belt tensioner, hoses and belts, rubber
suspension pieces, engine mounts, transmisson seals and gaskets, cam cover gasket, etc., checked, as well as having the shop that does the PPI check the undercarriage of the car for rust, wear, suspension and exhaust pieces. I also need them to check the cooling system (to see if the owner has been using MB antifreeze or the "green stuff"), and also have a compression test run, and based on that, maybe even a leakdown test. Am I missing anything? (probably) If so, what can I reasonably expect to look out for in the next six months to one year of ownership with this car? I know you don't have a crystal ball, but stuff like the water pump, alternator, fuel pump, etc. Are there any problems endemic to the '92 500E that I should be aware of? Is there a "500E" registry or anything like that where I could get more detailed, model specific information?
Thanks very much,
Tom Reynolds

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