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Because you ran a CARFAX don't think you are free and clear and the car you searched will have a clean title. I ran one last night on the 400E I bought on Oct.4 at a salvage auction. Carfax sent me a report that said the car has a clean title and it also missed the NC inspection done on 10/30/99. I asked them about their 'guarantee' of clean titles which says they will pay for one that is reported as clean but is found not to be. They will pay 10% up to $1000 tops of the wholesale value of the vehicle. They said that they don't pay individuals but would happily return my fee! What a bunch of liars.
This is internet fraud as their policy does NOT state this. The FBI will be next in line and a lawsuit.

The jist of it is, DON'T TRUST THEM.

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