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Years back I was idling one day at the light in my 16V, and a old Volvo 244 pulled up beside me. He roared away in a cloud of blue smoke (oil, not tire) while I just eased 'er through the gears, not in a hurry.

At the next light, he motioned for me to roll my window down. He grinned "I beat you! I beat you!"

I simply replied "Yes, this is true, but I'm driving a Mercedes-Benz and you're still just driving a POS old Volvo." I zipped the window up and eased away when the light turned green. He made a quick right, and was still yapping at me about something, but it was obvious that I had truly won the contest.

You might change your thinking. Ignore them. Stop using the term "Benzo" and talk about "Mercedes-Benz." Make sure that even when driving fast, you drive in a superbly smooth and competent manner so not to attract squid attention.
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