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Sorry Mike, but "Heat Score" is the slang for the po-lice attraction factor.

Squid is a combo word. Squirrels dart from place to place, always moving fast, often getting run over by other stuff. Kids are young. Sq-uid is a darty driver looking to have a contest of speed with anyone in the vicinity. Always, watery-type squids also move a darty mannner, so it works well with that interpretation too. Bikers often refer to young bullet bike riders in their tees and sandals riding at 99% of their ability ALL the time as "squids."

It is not a compliment.

My 911 Turbo was a Heat Score. I spent more time parked in front of Rollers with that car than I ever did actually being above the speed limit. Also, you want to talk about Squid Magnet? Cripes! Every punk with any type of car he thought faster than a bicycle wanted to have at it. Rarely did I participate. I looked for "peers." I once gave the taillight-look to a Supra Turbo, for example.

My dream cart would be a W211 E55-Kompressor without the AMG body add-ons and a turbo-diesel trunk badge.

The comments about motorcycles are TOO TRUE. Leave me the hell alone.
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