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'86 300E - Stuck Trip Odometer

After fueling up this morning, I reset the trip odometer and it started clicking as well as not advancing. The tenths wheel was about 2/3 of the way from 9 to 0 after pushing the reset knob (not while I was moving). While driving, it advances almost all the way to 0 when, with a "Tink-Tunk", it snaps back to 9 2/3. I tried driving backwards, but the same thing happens, just in reverse (Duh!). I've read where someone advised holding in the knob while driving till it catches, but I'm leary about doing this. Will this harm the mechanism, or temporarily fix the problem?

Can I disassemble the speedo and get at the tripmeter on this year model? (it's cable driven).

Is there a typical failure mode that's easily repaired?

Will I do any additional harm driving it this way, or should I disconnect the speedo cable till I can get it repaired?

Thanks for any help

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