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I suppose I should be more specific...The system works fine apart from the air distribution doors are not moving when inputting different buttons....The system is blowing MAX fan, Auto fan and LOW fan just fine....I cannot find any vacuum schematics for the HVAC.....The compressor is functioning okay....Freon pressures are text book.......BUT, I seem to be missing VACUUM CONTROL to the actuators.....Sucking on the BROWN vac' line through the fire wall, holds vacuum......If the compressor was not working I would be thinking Klima relay or OVP Relay.....#5 fuse shows Batt+ voltage both sides....The Push Button assembly is not wanting to disassemble from the mother board on the bench. and I have no wish to break it.....all visable vac' hoses are on their respective ports, but I do not see the SUPPLY vacuum hose to the electro/vacuum soleniod control module.......
So this is where I am, and thank you SIXTO for your reply...BTW, There is no filter ajacent the vacuum pump, just large bore BLACK pipe to breke servo and SMALL bore hose to emmissions tee.
Thank you people.....
Don at DKV Euro in Purcell Oklahoma.
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