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Meter recommendations and maintenance tips, gotta love this forum! All three post screws on mine were a little less snug than I thought they should be. Got the torque wrench out and took care of it.

By the way, I was also getting a flakey connection before I realized that you have to really shove on the leads when you stick them in the multimeter. It feels like you have them in with only 1/4" or so insertion -- and they do make electrical contact -- but if you shove on them they actually go in so that they are nearly flush. I may be the only dummy that didn't know this, but thought I'd mention it just in case someone else didn't. A great improvement over my old el-cheapo multimeter as far as positive contact.

I'm curious while I had the cover off... what's the purpose of the little metallic sticker and plastic assembly on the back cover that is contacted by the little spring thing on the circuit board?

I'm curious because like a typical meddling Benz owner I was going to "mod" my meter by sticking the spare fuses in the extra space below the battery compartment that's just begging for them (see photo for where they'd fit, secured in their little Ziploc bag w/some double-sided tape maybe). Otherwise I'm certain to not have the fuse when I need it. Probably after some other typical meddling and sparks flying.

But that plastic/metal thing has the appearance of some importance (wild guess is a capacitance calibration thing?) and I'm wondering if putting something in proximity to it would screw up its function.
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