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Thanks for the advice!

I hate to burst your dream, but it my 300 is non-turbo. I scoured the countryside of Germany in 1985 looking for one and finally was told that they did not exist. A Mercedes shop explained to me that the drive shaft that coupled to the manual transmission could not handle the torque. Subsequently, the only way one could get the 5-speed manual with turbo was to buy the wagon. I preferred the sedan, so I bought a 1 year old (to avoid paying German and American tax) basic 300D with manual windows, electric sunroof, and only a few other options. I had it converted to American Standards at a place called Champagne Motors in PA. I have the original clutch, exhaust, transmission, and injector pumps. I am very pleased with the car, except that I am starting to get a little rust. I had to add fender covers to hide it.

Also, having read some other posts, I have never added oil to my fuel and have never had any problems with the injection pump.

Thanks again,

Jeff Biesenberger

'84 Euro 300D 261k miles
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