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Well, tried that and the system is operating between the 'ALL vents' button and the 'FACE vents and floor' button, you can feel the air blowing more out of the FACE vents as you change to 'Face' from 'ALL'. So I seem to have vacuum, but, the Recirc' door still is not moving, there is no vacuum to either of the twin Recirc' vacuum actuators from the supply tube(s) open or close the Recirc' door...(I already have the glove box out.)
Now, I refilled the system (Freeze 12.) to be sure I have pure gas in it and went on road test.....Now, this is with the Recirc' door jammed into the Recirculating position with the blower on HI and wheel set to MAX cool.......after around 4 miles the vent temp was 52 C with ambient at 92C and Humidity 60% road speed 60 mph at 2,500 rpm....when the sun went behind a cloud at one point the temp momentarily dropped to 49C.....I feel this system is not getting the job done, and my own '92 124 300e gets vent temp's of 39 and lower !!!! (R12) Hurts your knuckles on a long drive, this 126 ain't gettin' it !
Thanx again for your help , I am hoping there may be something to this I am missing by standing to close to the problem.....
Regards...Don at DKV Euro in Purcell Oklahoma
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