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Help, Slight White Smoke Out Of My Exhaust!!!

Hello Board, almost everytime when I am at a stop light, I notice a slight puff of white smoke out of my exhaust. My oil smells a lot like gas and My exhaust has a high smell of gas also(my car drinks gas like a Hummer!!, serously!!). I think that there is a problem with my fuel/air mixture(running too rich). My car's mixture was "adjusted" a while back, by a mechanic, and I think he screwed it up. Are those symptoms and indication of me running too rich?

I think that I am running too rich therefore leading to high amounts of gas in my oil, therefore leading to my oil being "burned off", therefore leading to the white smoke??

Am I correct?? ANY SUGGESTIONS???

I know:
Black Smoke= Running Rich
Heavy white smoke=Burning Oil
Light white smoke=coolant(head blown!)
VERY VERY Light smoke=water in gas
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