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Holy Easy Job Batman! Belt change on C230!

My dealer wanted $144 to change the poly-v-belt on my 1998 C230. Well, that motivated me to learn how to change this thing myself. I've changed lots of belts in my day, but nothing without the 'ol "slot" type of belt tightener. This thing was a challenge.

I went to the store and bought an E10 External Torx socket bit, and rooted my 3/8" drive Snap-On handle out of the bottom of my tool-box.

With some trepidation, I put the bit on the tensioner, attached the handle, and pushed. Viola! Tension was released! I slipped the belt off the pulley, and let go of the handle.

I put the new belt on, except for one pulley, and pushed on the socket handle again, releasing the tension. I put the belt over the last pulley and let go of the handle. It took less time to do it than to write this. The old belt is reasonable shape, but we're heading into far-off lands and I wanted to be leaving with a new belt on-board. I put the old belt in with the spare tire and put the E10 bit and small handle in the OE tool kit.

When I get my film developed I'll scan the pics and maybe a DIY thing could be posted...

In the future, anyone with an M111 equipped W202 C-Class should NOT be paying big sums for this job...
John Shellenberg
1998 C230 "Black Betty" 240K
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