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Originally posted by philipminion
Looks like a Lexus LS 400 is out of the question. Apparently, a fuse is all it takes to stop the odometer...

I'm beginning to get very suspicious of everything these days. The more I read, the more things I find out that make me take a step back.
Believe it or not, in a lot of cars you can just pull a fuse and it stops the odometer from counting the mileage, but don't let the scare you away. Use carfax as a GUIDE not as something that guarantees the mileage, i know of many cars with turned back odometers and no carfax alert on them. I think you should still consider the benzo, if not go back to a bimmer. They're both GREAT cars and have there up's and down's.

This e320 you looked at, did it look really clean for its age, yet it needed 10k in repairs supposedly? Or did it look pretty roughed up?

edit: aww ****, i'm such a douche, i just realized this thread's ~6 months old, response still appreciated
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