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I believe Neil, ke6dcj has replaced the fans. . .

with an electric version (do a search) but the original idea by Stu Ritter is really good.

Referring to my page, Menu #20, you can tighten the screw to return it to stock operation if in snow county or for just the winter season.

My tech, on the other hand, likes the idea so much that he just cuts the 'pin' clutch off period! Of course, living is So Cal means that it could used year round, so may not be a bad thing. But for snow country, it wouldn't be optimum.

Check out Neil's fans for his 500E.

PS: the 'pusher' fan is not as good as the 'puller' fan so the 'right' way would be to remove the vfc and fan blade and construct a puller system.

But the kicker is the A/C system: don't want to forget about cooling the condenser. A difficult problem with lots of tradeoffs!
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