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Okay folks, here's the latest....
After dark test: Run a/c on MAX, center vent air temperature finally dropped to 48 F (Please read 'F' for any previously posted temperature from interior a/c vents. Seems I was stating Celsius. tut tut !) at this temp' the compressor shut off until vent temp' reached 53F and recycled down to 48F again....continued this for duration of test...HOWEVER seems that the system takes too long to drop temperature on start up. My '92 300e goes straight to cold after about 2 min's on a hot day...this SDL takes 10 to 15 min's driving to get below 60F...Fan spins good, and no obstructions...I know I am probable flogging a dead horse here, but it bugs me when these HVAC's do wiered stuff.....gotta get to the bottom of this somehow.....I disconnected the MONO VALVE whilst testing and the vent temperature climbed to 83F, reconnected Mono and temp dropped slowly to 48F once more. This all with the Recirc' door proped in the recirc' position......Well, will test vacuum tomorrow as per last post and see if I can find that elusive filter in the vacuum line....after that I will see about changing out the expansion valve......Thank you everyone for your help, I will post a fix ASAP......
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