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Originally posted by haasman

I think you have given the radiator shop ample opportunity to excel....

I would go back with leaking radiator, get the money back, and go to their competitor and tell them what happened AND your expectations: right the first time (including the trans cooler parts).

Coincidently, this happened with the 300E about 6 months ago. The last time I walked in with the radiator, I didn't say anything. Nothing. I just looked at them with the radiator in hand. They knew, I knew. I got what I wanted. Oh, BTW, the radiator is just fine now.

My 2 cents,

I would have liked to have seen the facial expressions when you returned with your radiator and said nothing! I'm pleased you got results in the end. Maybe I should use the same technique. After spending my money and having them make a botch of it twice already there is a sense of determination to have them get it right. I'm just getting tired of having to remove and replace it so many times, especially when each time I have to flush the transmission cooler of water and who-knows-what-else before refitting the radiator. To make matters worse on the 350SLC, not only do you have to disconnect coolant and transmission hoses, but the engine oil cooler has to come out attached to the radiator before it can be separated, necessitating disconnecting hoses from it as well. All very messy! I must have known something when I last refitted it all. I made a slight mod to the engine oil cooler allowing it to remain in place while the radiator is removed. Two less hoses to deal with and a little less mess.
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