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i'm sure you could include 'Squished' in the derivation of Squid too.

as for boy-racers, i get it all the time on my bike at traffic lights, so what i do is look at them nod and start revving my engine.
when they hear a 900cc four cylinder revving up to 10,000 rpm and back down again in less than a second, they get all excited, a strange look of determination comes over their faces as they prepare themselves for the slaughter.

then as the lights change, i do nothing, just watch them making an idiot of themselves. it's great fun sometimes you can do it again and again to the same person before he gets the message. the more he does it the funnier it is.

as for my other mode of transport, the 'benzo' 200T, well strangely, i don't get challenged alot, in fact ever!

maybe i should source a go-faster bodywork kit?
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